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The Story Behind Canadian Oil Security

Who Are We

Canadian Oil Security is a highly experienced and trusted provider of security and access control for the oil industry. In operation for more than sixteen years, our team is familiar with oilfield traffic and conduct ourselves in a professional and expert manner at all times.

What We Do

Our Experience

Since 2006

Been there since 2006 and our current staff has combined experience of 72 years

Licensed Guards

All employees are ABST trained Security Guards Licensed from the Solicitor General’s office

Particular Expertise

Our training program is specifically geared towards Archieway and Hammerhead

Lasting Relationships

Built relationships and trust in the people in the field and know the locations beyond the gate

Contractor of Choice

Through 3 different mergers, we have been the contractor of choice

Why Choose Us?

Security is more than having a guard present. Choose a company that has the experience to be able to make quick decisions and to deal tactfully with everyone – even why denying access.

  • We ensure all activities are following health, safety, and environmental practices and procedures set out by the Prime contractor.
  • We have maintained a 100% attendance record for 15 years
  • Understanding of all typical oilfield traffic 
  • Familiar with 2-way radios 
  • Know locations including Legal Sub-Divisions (LSD’s)
  • Understanding of oilfield drilling
  • Wildlife Awareness
  • The volume of traffic by location
  • Safe Road Use Plan – SRUP a database of all current and past road users, their infractions and the day they were orientated  

By The Numbers

Years of Service
Years Combined Experience
50 %
Attendance Record

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