Alberta Oilfield Security

As the beating heart of the nation’s energy sector, Alberta plays a pivotal role in powering the nation and driving economic growth. 

When Alberta Energy Regulator requires an oil company to limit access to the public because an area is deemed a Wildlife Management Zone, we help implement the plan to go from a low-traffic gate to a high-traffic, 24/7 monitored free-flowing gate that’s a radio controlled for compliance and safety.

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Why Canadian Oil Security?

Owing to nearly two decades in business, we understand the intricate nuances of Alberta oilfield security. Our mission is clear: to provide top-notch security solutions that not only safeguard your assets but also empower your operations. With our comprehensive suite of oilfield security services, we’ve become the trusted partner of choice for countless oil and gas companies across Alberta.

Our Alberta Access Control solutions are meticulously designed to empower your business with granular control over entry points. We specialize in converting locked gates to manned gates on wellsite roads.

In an industry governed by regulations and compliance standards, our Access Control system offers more than just security – it provides a trail of accountability. Ensure compliance not only with industry standards but also with regulatory mandates set forth by the Alberta Energy Regulator.

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Oilfield Security Services

As the energy industry continues to evolve, Canadian Oil Security remains your partner in ensuring the integrity of your oilfield operations

alberta access control

Access Control

24/7/365 access control and monitoring of road. Specializing in converting locked gates to manned gates on wellsite roads. Ensuring only authorized personnel are granted access.

alberta oilfield road security

Driver Control

Check and identify drivers at the gate quickly and efficiently, evaluate drivers and occasionally discipline them, coach and communicate standard operating procedures to new drivers.

alberta oilfield security

Oilfield Security

Watch for and report security breaches at Alberta oilfield roads, hazardous driving, and emergencies. Direct traffic and be a core part of your ERP in emergencies.

As your oilfield operation evolves, so do your security needs. Our Access Control system is designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, effortlessly adapting to your changing requirements.

Real-time monitoring is at the heart of our oilfield Access Control solution. Every entry and exit event is continuously tracked, providing you with a comprehensive record of activity. In the event of any irregularities or breaches, our system promptly notifies our dedicated security team, enabling swift and decisive action.

Our approach to oilfield road security comes from a combination of technology, access control protocols, and skilled personnel. Locked gates are seamlessly transformed into manned gates with our state-of-the-art access control systems, perfect attendance records and decades of combined experience.

Choosing Canadian Oil Security as your oilfield road security partner means embracing a commitment to excellence and safety. Our portfolio of successful partnerships with Alberta oil companies speaks for itself. We have a track record of delivering results, enhancing security, ensuring compliance and contributing to the overall success of our clients.

What Sets Us Apart

Licensed Guards

All employees are ABST trained Security Guards Licensed from the Solicitor General’s office

Lasting Relationships

Built relationships and trust in the people in the field and know the locations beyond the gate

Since 2006

Through 3 different mergers, we have been there since 2006 and become the contractor of choice

Get Alberta Oilfield Security

When you’re ready to fortify your Alberta oilfield access roads, reach out to us at Canadian Oil Security.

Our experts are eager to discuss your unique needs and tailor a security solution that sets you on the path to success in Alberta’s thriving oil industry. Become the next oil company we’ve helped to safeguard the present and secure the future.

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