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When AER requires an oil company to limit access to the public because an area is deemed a Wildlife Management zone, we help implement the plan to go from a low-traffic gate to a high-traffic, 24/7 monitored free-flowing gate that’s a radio controlled for compliance and safety.

Access Control

24/7/365 Access control and monitoring of road. Specializing in converting locked gates to manned gates on wellsite roads

Tactful Restriction

Tactfully restrict access to individuals who do not comply with the road use agreement

Check-in Drivers

Check and identify 1000+ drivers a day at the gate quickly and efficiently

Coach New Drivers

Coach and communicate standard operating procedures to new drivers

Evaluate Drivers

Evaluate drivers and occasionally discipline them with verbal and written warnings


Direct traffic and be a core part of your ERP in emergencies

Security Monitoring

Watch for and report security breaches, hazardous driving, and emergencies

Monitoring Radio

Monitoring radio channels to assist with safety infractions, concerns, directions or other requests


Documenting road use statistics

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